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Help Your Own Horse Or Animal

Who is this program available to?

Our FIT modules are available to anyone who is interested in learning different therapy and healing tools to help their animals.

What do I need as prerequisites for each module?

You will need a love for animals and a passion to help.

Is there a practical portion of each module or just classroom time?

The majority of FIT modules will involve some practical hands-on time.

Is the information I learn applicable to only horses?

Most of what you learn will be applicable to animals, even people!

Are my books or manuals included in the cost of each module?

Yes. The cost of the FIT module will include your manual(s) and tuition.

When do I have to pay for a module?

You will need to have your payment ready to give to your instructor on the first day of class. Method of payment will depend on each individual instructor. You will be required to submit a deposit for modules.

What do I need to bring to module?

It depends on the module. Your manuals will be supplied but you can bring what ever note books and writing tools you wish to use. You may be required to pack a lunch if the location and times demand it. At all times you should be prepared to be out of the classroom for some of your instruction. Dress accordingly to the weather and conditions in your module location and remember to wear appropriate foot wear when working around horses. Be sure to refer to the required Safety module for reminders.

What day of the week are FIT modules held?

Most of FIT modules are held on weekends… usually a Saturday and Sunday (during the day) but this may vary with certain modules, locations or other situations.

How often are modules offered?

This will depend on the area, the public response and how many FIT Instructors we have trained in the next few years. Our goal is to be responsive to the public needs and feedback and have modules scheduled accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at to help us schedule a module in your area.

Can I work on horses other than my own?

FIT mandate is to empower you with the knowledge to work on your own horse.

Is there an examination process in any of the FIT modules?

No there are no examinations in FIT.

Is there certification offered in FIT?

No there is no certification within the FIT program as there is no examination process. See FAQ’s “What can I call myself when I complete this course?” question.

What can I call myself when I complete this course?

You will be called a FIT survivor… no just kidding. There is no “certification” awarded because there is no examination process in place.

Who do I contact to register or for more information?

You can contact the instructor of the module for class information, directions, accommodations, etc. See contact info under FIT Instructors or FIT Class Schedules. You can also contact FIT head office by emailing or call us at 1-306-371-1171 Monday through Friday (closed holidays), 9 am to 4 pm Central Time.

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