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We are proud of our FIT Instructors

We thank the animals that teach us what we need to learn

Our FIT instructors are students or graduates of the BC College of Equine Therapy and/or Natural Touch Therapy Institute. They also have completed our FIT Instructor training program developed and mentored by Brenda Fitzgerald and Janelle Lukan. We are very proud of our graduates, our instructors, our program and our students. More important, we thank the
animals that teach us what we need to learn, when we need to learn it. Listen to them… they are our teachers!

We are proud of our FIT Instructors and what they have accomplished. To get to know your FIT Instructor please visit their personal profile page.


Our Instructors

Our modules involve classroom instruction and hands-on practical experience.

Karley Finnegan

Red Water, Ab. 780-691-7335.
Sanctioned Muscles & Organs, Chakras, FIT One Instructor

I am a graduate of the Olds College Equine Science program, where I majored in English Horsemanship in 2014. I am also a Pony Club Alumni and am still an active member with my kids and students. I have my Equine Canada rider level 8 and I am currently working on getting my level 2 English coaching certificate. I have just completed my 1st year of schooling at the Natural Touch Therapy Institute, where Equine Sport Therapy is quickly becoming a huge part of my lifestyle.
On top of that, I co-own and manage Finnegan Farms Inc in Redwater, AB. Where I teach lessons, summer camps, train and board horses.
I have a passion for teaching and healing, with my ultimate goal being to better the horses quality of life by providing quality knowledge to their owners.
Sanctioned to instruct FIT ONE, Muscles and Organs, and Chakras, I can be reached by call or text at (780) 691-7335 or by Email at

Michelle Woodall

Asquith, Sk. 306-290-7874
Sanctioned FIT One, Saddle Fit, Muscle & Organs, Aromatherapy Instructor

I am working on becoming the best massage therapist I can be for each horse I work
with. My 4 horses and 2 dogs love their massages because of the training I have taken
so far.
In 2012 I trained to become an equine first aid instructor with Equi-Health Canada.
Though this training I was able to meet other horse addicts like myself that wanted to
become a better for their horses.
In 2018 I made the leap into equine therapy and started my training with Janelle at
NTTI. I love seeing the changes horses make with the time I and their owners put into
them. I love getting to pass on my knowledge to others and am excited about teaching
with the FIT ONE program.

Emma Klapstein

Stony Plain, Ab. 587-926-2182.
Sanctioned FIT One Instructor

Complete devotion to Equine Therapy has given Emma the ability to promote the well being of horses, whilst developing the owner’s knowledge. She holds strong beliefs that awareness and understanding are two key components for being a dedicated and informed equestrian. Through FIT for Animals, Emma will be guiding you to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable owner. Healing takes place when we start working together.

Courtney Smith

Barrhead, Ab. 780-686-6515
Sanctioned Saddle FIT Instructor

Courtney has been blessed with the opportunity to spend most every summer at a riding camp, in which she is now an employee.  She started riding at the age of 10, and enjoys sharing the horse safety and knowledge she has gained over the years to the hundreds of youth that attend the camp.  Courtney looks forward to encourage students as well as fellow horsemen to learn as much as they can to help the well being of the horse as a Saddle FIT Instructor.

Holly Burroughs

Mayerthorpe, Ab. 780-305-4999.
Sanctioned Saddle FIT Instructor

My partner and I train ranch and rodeo horses full time and raise longhorn cross cattle. I originally started my therapy education to enhance our program here with the horses we train and sell, but it has proven to be so much more than that!

One of the most important components of a sound and happy horse is saddle fit, so I decided to take that part of my training to the next level to help as many horses and owners as possible! I absolutely love seeing the successes of riders and horses after they experience relief of a proper fitting saddle. I’m happy to travel to any part of the province to share my training and see happy horses and riders. Please don’t hesitate to call or text for more information to discuss booking a saddle fit or a clinic!

Nicole Seitz

Consort, Ab. 403-575-1551.
Sanctioned FIT One, Saddle Fit, Muscles & Organs, Energy Balancing Instructor

Growing up on my family’s century old ranch south of Consort Alberta, I have had a love for all animals, especially horses, my entire life. On our funny farm, we mainly raise commercial beef cattle along with our purebred registered Texas Longhorn herd, as well as pigs, ducks, donkeys and I can’t forget the abundance of horses. We mainly have barrel horses as this is my favourite “pastime” year round. My love for barrel racing has continued to grow over the years and eventually lead me down the road of discovering equine therapy after seeing amazing changes in my old barrel horse from an equine therapy session from a BCCET graduate when I was about 15 years old. This was also around the time when I attended my first FIT clinic and from then on, I knew this was the profession I wanted to pursue. I have never let that sight leave me, when I graduated high school I jumped at the chance to learn from WPRA barrel racer and equine body worker, Lee Ann Rust. From there I was even MORE hooked and studied with Equine Rehab and became certified for advanced equine massage and vertebral realignment. It was then that “Smooth Run Equine Therapy” was created. My biggest dream was always to attend the BC College of Equine Therapy and eventually become a FIT instructor, and when Natural Touch Therapy Institute purchased the program my dreams came true. This last year and a half has been an enlightening and rewarding journey. I love learning (I never thought I’d be able to say that!) and now that I’m able to share my knowledge and teach fellow horse lovers is truly a dream come true. I dream this will be my full time profession, I hope I can inspire someone the way I was inspired one day!

Cheryl Schmidt

Regina, Sk. 306-540-2296.
Sanctioned Energy Balancing, Aromatherapy, Saddle Fit, Muscles & Organs, FIT One Instructor

I am currently in my second year of equine sports therapy through NTTI. I have a passion for helping animals and their owners better understand one another. I strive to continually grow and expand my knowledge in order to bring a better understanding to the table for each and every one of my clients. I personally have gained so much growth with my own animals from my training through NTTI and my FIT instructor training. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and your horse!

Grace Schmidt

Regina, Sk. 306-526-8884.
Sanctioned Energy Balancing, Aromatherapy, Saddle Fit, Muscles & Organs, FIT One Instructor

Hello everyone, I am currently in my second year of my Equine Sport Therapy program through Natural Touch Therapy Institute. I love helping people and animals and the NTTI course and FIT For Animals has allowed me to do so. Through FIT I am able to provide my clients and others with amazing courses to help them gain more knowledge! I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and your horse!

Shauna Perkins

Conquest, Sk. 306-867-4310.
Sanctioned FIT One, Saddle Fit, Muscles & Organs, Energy Balancing Instructor

My name is Shauna Perkins. I’m a Registered Veterinary Technician and a second year student of the Equine Sports Therapy program at Natural Touch Therapy Institute’s Sk. campus.
My husband I have 2 adult children, and a granddaughter. We, along with my parents and some help from our kids, run a commercial cow/calf operation. We use horses and a dog to move, sort and doctor cattle. It’s very important to us to keep our four legged partners happy and healthy as our jobs would be a lot tougher without them!
It is my passion to help you keep your 4 legged friends feeling their best. I am looking forward to instructing a FIT for Animals clinic that is of interest to you. You can also find me on Facebook at P4 Equine Therapy.

Chantelle Martin

Sanctioned Saddle Fit, Energy Balancing Instructor

Information to come…

Megan Mercer

Sanctioned Aromatherapy Instructor

Information to come…

Our Team

Meet the Foundation of FIT

Dave Collins, Founder and Principal of the British Columbia College of Equine Therapy, created ©Foundation of Integrated Therapy for Animals (FIT for Animals) in 2011.

Dave has been around horses his entire life and for more than two decades has provided therapy to horses, other animals and people. Dave has a background in ranch work, farrier work, showing both APHA and AQHA, breeding and training. Dave’s background and his sincere
desire to help, led him to his studies in the various healing arts. As the demand grew, the need arose for a reputable teaching facility to teach various aspects of therapy for the equine. In 1995, the British Columbia College of Equine Therapy was born. He also saw a demand for horse owners wanting to help and learn more about their own horses without becoming an equine therapist. So as a result, in 2011 the Foundation of Integrated Therapy for Animals (FIT for Animals or just FIT) program was created!

Dave holds certificates from the Northern Institute of Physical Therapies, Blackpool, England, the Northern Institute of Massage, Blackpool, England and the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies, Regina, Saskatchewan. He is certified by the London and Counties Society of Physiologists (L.C.S.P. Phys) and the Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada. Dave also holds certificates in Touch for Health, Emotional Polarity Therapy, Body Talk Animal Access and Levels One and Two, Chakra Therapy and Reiki Levels One and Two.

Dave and his wife Dawn are very excited to partner with Janelle and Brenda to bring new ideas and education to the industry.

Janelle Lukan, Founder and Principal of the Natural Touch Therapy Institute – Sask. Campus. Co-owner ©Foundation of Integrated Therapy for Animals (FIT for Animals).

Janelle is a Certified Equine Sports Therapist through the BC College of Equine Therapy and has established Natural Balance Equine Therapy. Janelle is always seeking out clinics and further education in order to continually grow and develop her skills as an Equine Sports Therapist. Since graduating from BCCET, this desire has taken her back to BC for several postgrad classes such as Hoof Balance, Advanced Emotional Therapy and BioMagnetic Pair Therapy. Janelle is a Sanctioned FIT For Animals Instructor. She has also added Positional Hepads and Access Bars through Access Consciousness and Equine Applied Kinesiology to her repertoire. She has sights set on adding EcoSomatics Equine through Upledger Institute to her education.

She enjoys helping horse owners learn more about their horse’s health and well-being through hands on teaching. Janelle’s passion for providing horse owners with the information and skills to aid their own horses is what drew her to develop the Natural Touch Therapy Institute with her business partner, Brenda Fitzgerald.

Brenda Fitzgerald, Founder and Principal of the Natural Touch Therapy Institute – Ab. Campus. Co-owner ©Foundation of Integrated Therapy for Animals (FIT for Animals).

Brenda trained and worked as a Dental Assistant and then discovered her love for knowledge and anatomy. She is a Registered Massage Therapist through the Alberta College of Massage Therapy graduating with Honours, and a current student of the Manual Osteopathic Therapy Program through the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada. Brenda graduated from the B.C.
College of Equine Therapy with Honours of Distinction. Brenda is a Sanctioned Instructor with the Foundation of Integrated Therapies For Animals. She has also added CranioSacral Therapy Level 1 & 2, SomatoEmotional Release Level 1 & 2, EcoSomatics Equine Level 1-3 and
Teaching Assistant Qualified for EcoSomatics Equine Level 1-3 from the Upledger Institute to her list of accomplishments.

Brenda owns and operates Just A Touch Therapy, in which she divides her time between humans and horses. Her focus in treatment is to facilitate a wholistic balance of the body, physically, mentally and emotionally. Love for learning has Brenda travelling throughout Canada and the United States to access high caliber therapy programs and courses in which to further her knowledge and abilities as a multi-modality therapist. Her interest in anatomy provides her with unique and easy ways to conquer this often over-whelming topic for many students.
Brenda’s true passion lies in sharing her knowledge of therapy to increase the quality of life for our valued ‘fur family’ members.

The next phase of the journey for Brenda and Janelle will be working alongside Dave Collins at the BC College of Equine Therapy, where they are sure to bring their unique perspectives to the table. The partnership between BCCET and NTTI will be a benefit to the future of equine
therapy and advanced education.