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FIT Class Information

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The cost of the FIT module will include your manual(s) and tuition. You will need to have your
payment ready to give to your instructor on the first day of class. How you can pay will
depend on each individual instructor. You will be required to submit a deposit for modules.

FIT Safety Module

The Safety Checklist is a pre-requisite to all FIT Foundation Modules.

You will need to read through and agree that you understand the safety procedures. Although
you may be familiar with these safety routines and rules when working on your horse, it is
always a good idea to review them in order to avoid any mishaps, and of course, to refresh
your memory. Remember – Safety first!

Fit One


Changing your Horse's World

FIT One is designed to establish a foundation so you can give the best care possible for your
animal in order to better understand and address his needs.
More specifically, this FIT One module is focusing on the daily issues every horseman might
face. If we can find the “problem” then we can do something about it. To quote Dave Collins,
“Most of the problems of resistance we experience with our horses relates to pain or
restrictions in the body, NOT attitude. This means if we can find the ‘problem’ then we can do
something about it.” Major areas such as the shoulder, hind end and back, along with real life
situations are addressed. Through classroom instruction and hands on practical experience
you will learn about the physical aspects of the horse such as: the muscles, ligaments,
tendons, bones and joints. You will learn how the skeletal and muscular systems create and
influence movement. And, you will learn tools to specifically assess and address key areas.
This module will open the door to develop more effective communication between you and
your horse. And this connection will only deepen with time.

Saddle FIT Foundation

Saddle fit and nutrition top of our list of things that affect horses, often in a negative way. If
your horse has a saddle that does not fit, it is impossible for him to move well, have a good
attitude and accept the things you are trying to teach. Improper saddle fit can even show up
as lameness! Because a horse’s back changes with age, weight and fitness, this module will
help you to understand the function of the horse in relation to the saddle. You will learn
simple techniques to assess saddle fit, learn simple techniques to adjust saddle fit and much
more. The horse is much like us; if we have comfortable shoes we can be comfortable working
all day. A horse with a comfortable saddle will be able to do the same.

Closeup of saddle prepared for horse riding by young woman cowgirl
Energy Balancing copy

Energy Balancing

In this workshop, students will learn how to use muscle testing to assess and correct energy
imbalances in the body.
Muscle testing is simply a form of measuring or checking the energy levels through the
different areas and systems of the body. This can an extremely valuable tool, as disturbances
in the energies are the first stage of the dis-ease process. Once we understand this language,
we can balance or restore the energy and prevent the dis-ease from occurring.
Students will learn how to muscle test with each other and with their horse, how to check
certain points on the body, and how to address and balance these points.
The Energy Balancing Workshop is a perquisite for the Chakras Workshop and Auras Workshop.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using pure essential plant oils to improve the health and
balance of the body, mind and emotions. Essential oils can be used to alleviate stress,
relieving and preventing illnesses, assisting in learning disabilities, and maintenance of good
Students will learn how to safely use essential oils, various aromatherapy applications and
massage techniques for both horse and rider.

Cinnamon essential oil in small bottles. Selective focus
Chakras copy


Are you curious about chakras and how they affect us and our animals? We have an
amazing workshop that explains chakras and gives you many tools to help you and
your horse.
In the Chakras Workshop we explore the energies that reside in each of the seven
main chakras. This workshop is designed to help you balance both you and your
horse’s energetic flow and create a new level of oneness. We introduce you to many
tools that influence the chakras. The Chakras Workshop will explore areas rarely
discussed and open a whole new world of healing for you and your horse. Be prepared
to learn about pendulums, crystals, sound, colors and many more techniques
throughout this workshop.


In the Auras Workshop, we explore the seven main auric layers. This workshop is
designed to help you balance both you and your horse’s energetic fields and create a
new level of oneness. You will be introduced to many tools that influence the auras.


Muscles & Organs

This workshop will introduce students to the relationship between muscles and organs, how working on a muscle can affect the organ in which it is pairing with to improve the heath and wellness for the whole horse, both inside and out. Students will explore the structures of the horse, begin recognizing muscles and gait imbalances, as well as treatment techniques.

For those who have struggled understanding anatomy previously, this fun and informative workshop will help clarify and take your knowledge and understanding of the horse’s body to a new level.

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